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Should I??

Portland Players is performing The Mousetrap early next year. 

This is literally the only work of Agatha Christie's I have ever read. It happens to be one of my favorite plays.

Should I audition?

I love my friends.

Talked with one of my high school friends today for a few hours. A recap of the conversation follows, because it was too good not to share.

1. I can rock sneakers. Not that I have a choice, but it is possible for me to wear and be comfortable and look fairly stylish in a pair of sensible sneakers. This was a worry of mine, since I haven't owned sneakers that were not Chuck Taylors in at least five years.

2. I need to join a book club. Even though I hate feeling forced to read, I need friends that live within a 50 mile radius. Apparently a book club can help me achieve that. And will also get me to stop rereading childhood favorites.

3. My nails look like I am planning a baby shower. I am not, I was going for cotton candy colors. But other people think baby shower.

4. I should write more.

5. I should also join a theater company. A real one with a stage. I told her they would never take me. She said to make them.

6. I am going to fake marry Joey Richter. It started out that I was going to marry Joey, but then she decided that we would both just want a big party and not an actual ceremony, and would probably not want to get married in the traditional sense. So it turned into a giant costume party that was themed as a wedding. Joey would be Chip Skylark, and I would be either Wonder Woman or Jessica Rabbit. I'm not okay with either of those costumes, but apparently it doesn't matter. Our first dance as not-husband and not-wife would be "Miracles Happen", the song from the end of Princess Diaries. Darren Criss would be mad jealous, and try to steal me away from my not-husband. I would totally fucking let him.

7. I need to send her a package.

8. I need to see Wicked. Trust me, I know. It's just not that easy, bitch.

9. I swear like a sailor.

10. She will donate money towards my walk in October, I just need to remind her CONSTANTLY.

11. I have the weirdest taste in music. iTunes shuffled my songs, and played a song from Sister Act right before a Fall Out Boy song, which was then followed by "Second Star to the Right".

That was basically it. I love my friends, and miss them terribly when they leave me. In other news, my fingernails have me craving cotton candy. Where can I find some?


The real reason I didn't go to school for acting (which was my plan until I was 17) had nothing to do with the failure rate, or the ridiculous class load, or any of that shit.

I just thought I sounded stupid saying "I want to be an actor".

Ravenclaw tie!!!!!



I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered it from Wizard Ties just a few days ago, and got home from work and it was on the kitchen table.  It's so pretty.  It looks real legit, and I don't care if I have nothing to wear it with, it's so fucking pretty.  
SO heads up, there will be typos in this post. There usually are anyway, but my "K" key is sticking lately, and I'm not checking it like I usually do. Mostly because HOLY SHIT THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, it's worth the sparkle text.  My opinion may change once I hit OotP, but fuck it.  So far this is my favorite fucking book.  

Seriously, I fucking love this book...Collapse )

Speaking of which, I went to the library to get the third book.  I knew I had lost my library card a while ago, but I didn't now how long it had been.  Well, I found out.  Six years.  Seriously.  I last used the library in 2004.  I WAS THIRTEEN. I had $4.75 in overdue fees.  Maybe that's why I stopped.  To my 13-year-old self, that was a lot of money.  The library remodeled since then.  It's really pretty now.  There's a giant computer lab, and the children's section has shelves small people can actually reach.  It's kind of awesome.
So after taking a while to track down a copy, I managed to knock out all of CoS in two days. Because I am fucking awesome.

Do I remember what I read, though??Collapse )



That's right bitches. I finished the first book. I actually finished it a few days ago, but life has been hectic and I wanted to track down a copy of CoS before I wrote this post. The two seemed connected for some reason. Which is another issue with this reread, I realized.  I don't have any of my copies of the books.  They are all in a box somewhere that I cannot find, and it makes me want to cry.  So I have been tracking them down at Goodwill, but I couldn't find the second one, so I debated for a while, but finally bought it at Walmart.  9 bucks later, I have a new copy of what is probably my least favorite of the series.  Oh well, screw it, life will go on.

So, Sorcerer's Stone. How did it end?Collapse )

HP Reread 2010. Oh yeah, this is badass.

So, I have made it my goal to reread the entire Harry Potter series in one month.  This might just kill me, but dammit, I'm gonna try.  Started on the first, and am currently on Chapter Eleven of Sorcerer's Stone.  I will be making observations here periodically, because this has already been a ridiculous experience.

Also, as this is a reread, there will be spoilers for the entire series.  I've read it a billion times, just never in a row like this, and not for at least two years. 

He's Harry Freakin' PotterCollapse )
No one probably cares about this, but honestly, there are only three guys that I would not hit like an angry god on SYTYCD.

Seriously,  I've got nothing for Jose, or Billy, or Adechike. 

The rest of them?

Sign me the fuck up. 

I'm looking at you, Neil.  Wear that baseball costume all the time, please.

And Dominic, your hair turns me on. 

That is all.

For now.
Yeah.  Don't want to write my essay.  Or, actually, essays.   So I will party with myself.  And update my photobucket. 

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